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Having the responsibility of booking the next latest and greatest entertainer, celebrity, band or speaker for your company’s event is not easy!

You normally rely on event planners, DMCs and agents. Did you know these firms add approximately TWENTY PERCENT (20%) on the talent’s cost for their margin? You never see this, but you do pay for it.  We can assist you in acquiring high level talent while controlling costs.

Welcome to the modern world of transparency!

We assist you with your talent buying.

From $2,500 to $2.5 million. If needed, on site management services are also available.

This is how we handle the transaction at Rojas Talent Group, on your behalf:

•    We show you the talent’s invoice and/or contract.

•    We bill you 10% of the talent’s fee for our service.

•    Nothing more, nothing less.

•    It doesn’t get easier than that.

•    Professional and efficient communication and service.

•    Professional negotiations with talent, and their representation, on your behalf.

•    Less headaches for you, while saving your budget.

•    TAA DAAA!

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