Gaucho del Plata



Gaucho Del Plata: The world’s most energetic and charismatic Gauchos (Latin Cowboys) Anibal & Valentina , authentic South American style action packed phenomenon!  

The mixture of energetic stomping, heart-pounding drumming, fire, whips and even humor has thrilled audiences at some of the world’s most prominent showrooms bringing them to their feet. The dynamic Anibal, and Valentina dizzies the mind and dazzles the senses with a breath-stopping flurry of *boleadoras, the crackling fury of whips, and the mesmerizing staccato of drums. Gaucho Del Plata is a triumph in excitement!

Anibal a born showman with a giddy sense of humor, Gaucho del Plata shouts and whoops and plays the crowd as he spins the *boleadoras frighteningly close to the heads.

* Boleadoras: originally a rope with stones tied at either end, it was thrown by the gauchos at the legs of fast-running ostriches to trip them up, or swung in battle as a weapon. Today, the modern boleadoras is a super strong rope with Teflon balls at each end that the gaucho dancer spins to create a rhythmic clack on the floor and awesome whoosh as they fly almost invisibly through the air


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