Instinctive Leadership   

Written by Dr. Randy Brazie and Dr. Geoffrey VanderPal


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Instinctive Leadership

The book brings in the latest scientific understanding of the human nervous system, drawing on Polyvagal Theory as developed by Stephen Porges, PhD, to provide guidance to small, medium-sized and large-scale businesses.  Traditionally, behavioral finance and organizational psychology has drawn from cognitive models, whereas this book explores the powerful, nonverbal influence from the more ancient, deeper brain structures which drive much of human behavior.  Topics such as leadership, management, recruitment and retention are addressed.

From the Authors:

“We’ve noticed that there are many books, trainings, videos and courses about leadership, management and working with customers, all of which have valuable contributions, but there’s really nothing out there that adds the huge contribution of the more primitive, instinctive part of the nervous system.”  Our book uses the latest, advanced theory (Polyvagal Theory) which explains our needs for connection and safety, and how these override thought processes.  By using examples, we’re hoping to help the reader understand novel ways to improve productivity, success and enjoyment for both employees and customers alike.

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