Jeff Nease



Jeff Nease is one of America's leading stand-up comedians. And just where is he going to lead America? He has no idea. Wherever it ends up, it'll be funny!

His comedic style is conversational, observational, and often, Standing Ovational. Whether he's headlining at a comedy club, a corporate event, or on a luxury cruise ship, one thing's for sure; this guy makes 'em laugh. Sometimes 'til it hurts.

Jeff's background in improvisational comedy is a big reason his show feels so spontaneous. Every show is uniquely tailored for each audience, corporation or event. A founding member of the improv group "The Improvables," Jeff has taught Improv humor and performance skills to professional associations and corporate clients. And boy, did they ever need it! Do you? 

Jeff has come a long way from his mid-west roots. A finalist in New York's National Lampoon's Comedy Play-Offs, he has gone on to multiple television appearances.

Jeff has worked with such legends as Jim Carrey, Ellen DeGeneres and Tim Allen. All of them "pretend" not to remember who he is. (It's a little game they play.)

When you really need FUNNY to make your live event unforgettable, hire Jeff Nease.


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