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We can book any entertainer you are interested in with our extensive industry connections. Let us know who you want, and we can make it happen.

    •    How do I know which entertainer to book for my event?

It is best to determine who is in your audience, your target market. Make sure whomever you book is well liked by the people who are in the audience ready to enjoy the performance.

    •    How long is the show?

You determine the length, and that requested time will be added to the talent’s agreement.  We suggest 50-60 minutes for comedians, speakers, variety shows.  For a Celebrity appearance, many will not do more than 90-120 minutes of a personal appearance, but all these terms can be negotiated according to your needs and wants.

    •   Can I book a Celebrity to post on social media?

Of course, but please realize many of them get paid thousands of Dollars to do this. If you book them for a personal appearance, however, it can easily be added to their appearance agreement (Facebook posts, Instagram Stories, or a Tweet).

    •    How does the process of booking work with Rojas Talent Group?

Once you have determined who you’d like, how long of a performance, where and when the event will be held, and you’ve contacted us, we will start reaching out to your “wish list” to see availability and fees, etc.  Once all the parties (you and the entertainer’s/celebrity’s team) come to an agreement, we will produce an agreement for all the parties to sign. Usually 50% of the fee is due on the signed agreement, with the other 50% three weeks prior to the show/appearance.  All these terms are different per agreement, but those are general terms.

    •    What is a “rider?”

A rider is a list of what the performer requires to perform or make an appearance. It “rides,” or is attached to the agreement, so it is called a rider. This rider includes everything from the number of flights to the sound requirements to the type of food and beverages which are required.

    •    What is “backline?”

The speakers, microphones and instruments which the band does not travel with and are required to be at the performance area for their show is called backline.

    •    What should I expect?

A professional seamless experience from booking to show/appearance culmination.

    •    Items to consider on booking a celebrity or entertainer:

            •    Their fee

            •    Flights

            •    Ground transportation

            •    Hotel accommodations

            •    Production on site (venue, green room, handler, rider, etc.)

            •    Lights / Sound

            •    Stage / Performance Area

            •    Power by stage/performance space

            •    Backline (Musical Groups)

    •    What is expected of me, the booker?

            •    The appearance fee

            •    Flights

            •    Ground transportation

            •    Hotel accommodations

            •    Sound/Lights (speakers, musicians, comedians, variety acts)

            •    A “green room,” a space to chill and relax and get ready for the performance

            •    Rider Requirements (meals, drinks, water, towels, etc.)

    •    What is the cost?

All fees vary with performance/appearance, time of event, date of event, how much travel is involved, length of show/appearance, etc.  But, generally:

            •    Comedians:  from $3,000.

            •    Variety Performers:  from $2,500.

            •    Bands:  from $3,000.

            •    Speakers:  from $7,500.

            •    Celebrity Athletes:  from $15,000.

            •   Celebrity Actors:  from $20,000.

    •    Is there an upfront fee?

No. The only time your have to pay anything is if we secure an act for you. Ask us about our transparent pricing.

    •    What are the terms for the booking?

Usually 50% of the fee on signed agreement/contract, and the balance within 21 days of performance/appearance.

    •    Can you assist with someone at the event?

Yes, of course. If you are more comfortable with someone from our staff at the event with you and your team, we can easily make this happen.

FINALLY, it will be our privilege to work for you behind the scenes and make you look like a star!

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